Our primary goal is to provide complete and quality solutions in the field of doors.

The creation of KETE SA, a modern company, was a consequence of the ever-increasing needs of the consumer and in general the market demands for something special in the field of security doors. The company's facilities are located in the Industrial Park of Polykastro Kilkis, they include industrial premises, offices and warehouses, covering an area of ​​5000 sq.m..


  • Quality

  • Customer focus

  • Involvement of human resources

  • Continuous improvement

  • Integrity

    • 2000 Establishment

    • 2003Start

      of exports to Europe and the Balkans
    • 2007Sales

      network development in Saudi Arabia
    • 2008Creation

      of a new CNC production line
    • 2009Factory

      expansion and creation of a timber unit
    • 2010Establishment

      of a store in Romania
    • 2011 Creation

      of a warehouse in Athens
    • 2016Sales

      network development in Egypt
    • 2019IFC

      production planning
    • 2020 Upgrade

      of an electrostatic painting unit
    • 2021Creating

      a CNC Laser line
    • 2022Modernization

      of MRP production
    Final product quality

    KETE counts more than twenty years in production and marketing security, fire safety, multi-purpose and interior doors. For twenty years now he has been investing in modern CNC automation mechanical equipment, which ranks it among the largest - vertical production- European industries of the kind, in relation to accuracy quality and quantity.



    We give special attention to the quality of the final product and we constantly invest in their improvement. The result of these efforts is the certification of the company according to ISO 9001.


    The many years of experience of our people in the field of security is a guarantee for our products and services. KETE offers a wide range of products, following the trends of modern design.


    KETE SA constantly invests in the evaluation & testing of its products in collaboration with various accredited laboratories in Greece and abroad. Its doors are 100% made in Greece and are accompanied by certificates according to European standards.